Parts for Trucks has a long history working with the construction industry.  We sell a full range of dump bodies and hoists, articulated cranes, wet-line kits, snowplows and spreaders to meet all your needs.  We also have a complete line of accessories such as emergency lighting, work lamps, tarps, pintle hooks, headache racks, fenders and much more.

We know that construction work is done in demanding conditions and can be tough of equipment.  That is why we have severe duty options designed to meet these needs and keep your rig on the job.

In addition to a complete line of parts for your trucks and trailers, many of these components are available for graders, loaders and other off-road machinery.  Some examples are lighting, batteries, alternators and starters, belts, filters, motor and hydraulic oil and greases.  We can readily cross-over most OEM part numbers and often find we can find the parts you need more quickly and for less money than the authorized dealer.