Snow & Ice Control

For your 4x4 or 1 ton truck:
Fisher plows and spreaders set the standard for performance in Atlantic Canada.

Whether you plow commercially or simply to clear your own drive way, Fisher have a full range of models for your 4x4 or 1 ton.  Fisher’s Polycaster hopper spreaders are available in a range of sizes.  Just need a smaller spreader?  Look at Fisher’s line of tailgate spreaders; there’s one to fit your needs.

Parts for Trucks also represent the SnowEx line of spreaders, available in both hopper and tailgate models.  SnowEx has some innovative features including an auger feed, vibrators and pre-wet options for selected models.

For your single axle or tandem truck:
Tenco is the leading name in Canada for plows and spreaders and Parts for Trucks is the exclusive distributor in Atlantic Canada.  With a full line of one-way and reversible plows, side wings and under body scrapers, Tenco has a solution for every plowing application.  

Tenco’s line of spreader is also complete with spreader-dumps, U-bodies, insert spreaders or chassis-mounted hopper models.  And all available with pre-wet capability.   Looking for a European level of spreading precision?  Tenco’s Giletta insert spreader is your answer with exclusive features that are robust and built to last.

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